FREE Lean Webinar on Friday, February 3, 2012, 11 am - Noon!

Posted December 31, 1969 | Atlanta, GA

FREE Lean Webinar on Friday, February 3, 2012, 11 am - Noon!

Attend this free webinar and receive a discount to an upcoming Spring Lean Supply Chain Series course or the whole Series!


There is no question that successful organizations are embracing lean thinking at all levels. While lean generally begins inside the manufacturing facility, eventually the lean journey extends to the supply base and customers. Lean methodology applies to all elements of the supply chain, including departments such as quality, human resources, marketing, finance, purchasing, and distribution. You must develop lean supply chain professionals and build a culture of continuous improvement to drive the lean supply chain.

To become a Lean Supply Chain Professional, we must grow our skills in three areas: Lean Problem Solving, Lean Supply Chain Application, and Lean Leadership.

In this free one-hour webinar, you will be introduced to:

  • Lean problem solving through the use of problem solving tools to eliminate waste at the root cause
  • Connecting lean to supply chain management, discussing how concepts such as pull and one piece flow will lead to reductions in total cost of the supply chain
  • Transforming an organization from traditional to lean thinking with lean leadership

Robert and Kevin will cover these areas and explain how each plays a critical role in creating a lean supply chain. The aim is to reduce the total cost of the supply chain - removing waste and creating the most value for the customer.

Those who will benefit from this webinar include:

  • Any company that is ready to go outside the four walls of its plant and connect the plant to the supply base using lean principles
  • Any professional who operates in a supply chain or logistics capacity looking to implement lean
  • Manufacturers and suppliers to manufacturers

Attend the free webinar and receive a promo code for $250 off your registration for one of the 2012 Spring Lean Supply Chain courses or sign up for the whole series for $6,000 (you save $1,200)!

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