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Supply Chain Executive Round Table: Savannah Region

Savannah Round Table


The Georgia Institute of Technology, Savannah Campus, will host a number of executive round tables each year. The primary focus of these gatherings will be to provide a structured, facilitated forum for the sharing of best practices in supply chain management among member companies and for the dissemination of key supply chain and logistics information and knowledge to members through meetings, lectures, white papers and up-to-date research findings.

These round tables will take place at the Georgia Tech campus in Savannah or onsite at a sponsoring company.  Electronic round tables on specific topics will also be conducted upon request by network members.  All round tables will address general, as well as specific, best practice areas in the field of supply chain and logistics management.


Companies need to manage increasingly complex supply chains, often in a global context

Global business continues to expand and in order to compete on the global stage; companies will need to formulate integrated supply chain strategies on both a local geographic and global basis.  This includes strategically sourcing materials and components worldwide, selecting global locations for key supply and distribution centers, use of existing logistics networks when sourcing and distributing new products, transfer of existing technologies to new markets and/or learning from best in class in supply chain management worldwide.  Knowledge and best practice sharing in supply chain and logistics management between entities in the supply chain forms a vital component of this learning.

We are witnessing an increased importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability

Public awareness of environment, health and safety issues and any unsafe conditions or product recall is extremely high. Companies want to be seen as not only compliant but also actively managing the risks around product safety and protecting the environment and people.  Failure to manage these issues can damage a company's reputation and brand value – whilst successfully managing such challenges will position a company for growth.  In addition, companies worldwide are realizing bottom line benefits from implementing effective sustainability practices.

The focus on competitiveness and the need to manage costs has never been greater

Companies can benefit from an integrated approach to managing supply chains including through implementing standard and improved business processes and through the collection, dissemination and use of meaningful supply chain and logistics data. Supply chain and logistics processes and procedures must become harmonized across businesses, regions and legal entities - as should best practices - which can lead to improved performance and reduced supply chain costs.

  • Sharing of best practices that contribute to performance excellence among member organizations.
  • Provide ongoing education to round table members in areas of topical interest which will help to enhance member capabilities in supply chain management.
  • Obtain data, on a regular basis, from member companies, for an agreed upon set of supply chain and logistics metrics through structured surveys. These metrics will allow member companies to benchmark their performance against other member companies in key areas of supply chain performance, as well as against industry benchmarks.
  • Conduct customized research projects and surveys as sponsored by member companies on request. These surveys will address specific areas of interest on the part of the sponsoring company.

Organizations with major local, regional and global supply chains and/or who are looking to expand this network globally, professional bodies, and selected learning institutions. The target size of the network is no more than 25 companies and other organizations. In addition to the members of the round table, leading local and international experts in the field will be invited to contribute to round table discussions and meetings from time to time.

The network will stress the sharing of best practices among member companies.  This will provide members with the opportunity to share best practices through face-to-face and electronic round tables, which Georgia Tech Savannah will host four times a year.  These round tables will take place at the Georgia Tech Savannah campus or onsite at a sponsoring company.  All round tables will address general, as well as specific, best practice areas.  The table will also provide access to research results and white papers from local and international partner organisations.  This includes through Georgia Tech’s membership in SCM World (, which allows members of the Round Table access to the latest SCM World research reports, data, charts and best practices.

In addition internationally renowned guest speakers and lecturers will be invited to address the table on areas of topical interest throughout the year in meetings and workshops and to share their knowledge through discussion and correspondence with the table.

A key focus of the round table in will be to collect data, through an annual survey amongst members, related to key supply chain performance areas.  These surveys and reports will be used as a means to gather and analyze data relating to key areas of supply chain performance and to disseminate results. Members will have access to key survey report data relating to individual member as well as group performance against key supply chain metrics.  In addition to the annual surveys, member sponsored surveys may also be carried out for areas of specific interest to these members on request.

Member Benefits

  • Sharing and receiving best practice information with leading companies through roundtable events and through relationship building with other Round Table organizations (recent research by IEG, a firm that evaluates the value of sponsorship for leading organizations, has shown that the potential fair market value of these types of roundtables can be around $20,000/annum to participating firms).
  • Access to technical resources with extensive experience in obtaining and presenting data in a meaningful way.
  • Access to renowned local and overseas speakers who will be invited to present on areas of topical interest and on latest research findings to round table members at meetings and through workshops.
  • Access to research results, white papers and best practices from local and international partner organizations. This includes through Georgia Tech membership in SCM World (, which will allow members of the Round Table access to SCM World research reports, data, charts, best practices, etc.
  • Partnerships with other similar Executive Round Tables around the world. These partnerships will afford Round Table members the opportunity of working with other executives around the world to discuss, both on a formal and informal basis, key supply chain issues and to exchange ideas.
  • The opportunity to participate in groundbreaking surveys, and privileged access to, and insights from, these surveys.
  • Understanding of relative performance against other companies for key supply chain and logistics metrics and the opportunity to identify areas of supply chain and logistics excellence and weakness.
  • Free attendance to "IPIC 2016 3rd International Physical Internet Conference” (
  • A 30% reduction in attendance fees for Georgia Tech public executive education short courses for members of the Round Table in their own capacity and/or an individual that a member nominates in his or her stead.
Cost to Join

Yearly fees to join are $3,800 with a commitment of one year and renewable on an annual basis.


If you are interested in learning more about the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Executive Round Table: Savannah Region, please contact:

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