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David Parra Solis

David Parra Solis

Project Director
Georgia Tech Costa Rica Trade, Innovation & Productivity Center

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David Parra Solis

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David Parra is an industrial engineer, graduated from University of Costa Rica. David has over three years of experience in process mapping and analysis with expertise in quality assurance and improvement of hospital and ambulatory processes. David joins the Costa Rica Georgia Tech TIP Center to initially work on a country-level project to better understand fresh produce supply chains that export to the United States and the changing requirements on international markets relating to the safety of fresh produce. The current worldwide concern with food safety and the implications of new laws and regulations on agricultural exports will require countries and organizations to understand and follow new international laws. The project will capture the current state of Costa Rica's fresh produce supply chains and identify areas of improvement to help close the gap between current practices and the new international requirements. David will be working in close collaboration with the Georgia Tech Integrated Food Chain Center in Atlanta, GA as well as local Costa Rican public, private and governmental organizations.

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