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Gradey Caldwell

Gradey Caldwell

Professional Education Instructor

Gradey Caldwell

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Gradey Caldwell is a professional education instructor for the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. He is also Global IOT Business Unit Manager at Intel where he helps enterprises design and globally deploy intelligent IoT and IT solutions.

Mr. Caldwell joined Intel in November 2017 where he initially focused on growing Honeywell’s global enterprise. Since then, he has had unique success in serving the product development and operations segments of global enterprises in Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Construction and Energy. His career disciplines have further been shaped by his work in digital transformation, IT infrastructure, compute & networking, manufacturing, supply chain logistics, consulting, relationship development, and operations management. Before joining Intel, Gradey served as VP of Strategic Relations at Numerex Corp. (now Sierra Wireless) and before that, Senior Advisor of Manufacturing & Energy for Cisco Systems.

Gradey has a BA in Corporate Communications from Butler University (Indianapolis, IN) and a Masters in Logistics from Michigan State University (E. Lansing, MI). He has three athletic children, is an avid sports fan, and a strong faith based family man who still enjoys travel. He sponsors a Feed the Homeless, community outreach program, and has mentored several entrepreneurial enterprises.  

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