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LEAP: Inventory Management

Course Description

This course prepares students in the basics of inventory control and management operations and the role of inventory management within an organization’s overall supply chain. The course includes presentations of the key elements of inventory control and management including: inventory cost components, types and uses of inventory, planning inventory levels, maintaining inventory accuracy, and metrics and roles associated with inventory management.

Who Should Attend

  • Sourcing Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, Clerks, Representatives, Agents, Leads, and Specialists
  • Procurement Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, Agents, Clerks, Leads, Representatives, and Specialists
  • Contract Development Specialists, Agents, Clerks, Leads, Representatives, and Supervisors
  • Buyers, Senior Buyers
  • Buyer/Planners
  • Purchasing Analysts, Representatives, Supervisors, Managers, Agents, Clerks, Leads, and Specialists
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers, Analysts, Consultants, Supervisors, Technologists, Planners and Engineers
  • Business and Systems Analysts
  • Supply Chain Education and Human Resource Management personnel
  • Inventory Planners
  • Order Management Supervisors, Managers, Analysts
  • Demand Planners, Supply Planners, Forecast Analysts, Forecasting Managers
  • Inventory Managers, Inventory Clerks, Inventory Analysts
  • Transportation Planners, Transportation Clerks, Transportation Analysts, Transportation Managers

How You Will Benefit

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to...

  • Discuss the main reasons for carrying inventory
  • Describe the main approaches to managing inventory
  • Explain the key roles and responsibilities for managing inventory at distribution centers (DCs)
  • Discuss the way inventory management functions with other processes in a company
  • Describe inventory replenishment and its relationship to customer service levels
  • Discuss the main ways to categorize and to manage inventory
  • Describe the tools and techniques used for inventory control
  • Discuss key concepts of inventory storage and deployment
  • Explain methods used to measure inventory accuracy and stock keeping
  • Understand how inventory management works with other functional groups in a company
  • Describe the link between inventory management and forecasting
  • Discuss uncertainty in the inventory process and how to address it
  • Understand how better visibility of inventory and demand can reduce total inventory
  • Discuss key measures of inventory performance
  • Explain the costs related to inventory

What Is Covered

Inventory Management is a start anytime, self-paced course consisting of 6 Learning Blocks.

  • Learning Block 1 – Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Learning Block 2 – Monitoring and Analyzing Inventory Management
  • Learning Block 3 – Inventory Control
  • Learning Block 4 – Inventory Management and Forecasting
  • Learning Block 5 - Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Learning Block 6 – Inventory Performance Measurement & Financial Implications
  • Introduction to the Supply Chain Game
  • Supply Chain Game – Round I
  • Supply Chain Game – Round II
  • Supply Chain Game – Round III

Course Prerequisites


Course Fees

The cost of the course is $350 for the self-paced version. You will be provided with a URL, username and password to access the material. You must complete all required learning blocks to be awarded a Georgia Tech Course Completion certificate.

Course Location

This course is offered in a self-paced online format, and you may start anytime.

Technical Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Please review to ensure that the system you will be using is capable of accessing this online course.

User Interface

Online courses are offered through Georgia Tech Professional Education. The interface is provided via Canvas LMS and is primarily point-and-click, and can be learned by anyone capable of using a web browser. There is no software to distribute, and no experience with HTML or other technical knowledge required.



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