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Americoldest’s Cool Coordination, Named Best ISyE Team at Capstone Design Expo

May 3, 2024

With a network of twenty-seven sites across the United States, Americold Logistics, was presented with a critical operational snag that threatened their level of efficiency: disparate labor planning systems.  

This inconsistency meant potential bottlenecking and inefficiencies across the supply chain. 

Enter in Senior Design team, The Americoldest, and their project “Tracking & Allocation Redesign,” who was selected as the Best of ISyE Team at the 2024 Capstone Design Expo

Armed with their technical prowess and problem-solving acumen, they set their sights on streamlining labor planning across sites, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing productivity.  

“Our solution was to design a sophisticated model that monitors historical data alongside real-time labor metrics, subsequently channeled into an optimization algorithm. This algorithm minimizes labor hours per shift, empowering the organization to execute data-informed decision-making,” stated undergraduate student, Landon Ledford. 

Guided by their client sponsor Will Byrd and faculty advisor Dr. Xin Chen, this project is being deployed across all sites and implemented internationally starting with Dublin, Ireland. 

Team Name: The Americoldest 
Project Title: Tracking & Allocation Redesign 
Team Members:  

  • Rohan Bagade 

  • Landen Ledford 

  • Curran Myers 

  • Chandler Pittman 

  • Justin Siegel 

  • Alex Sowatzka 

  • Nicholas Van 

  • Sloan Wilds 


Collectively, they were awarded $1,500 and bragging rights as the best ISyE team for the spring semester. 

Out of 204 teams from various schools and colleges across Georgia Tech, 24 teams comprised of 177 students represented the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) during the 2024 Capstone Design Expo. 

Capstone Design Expo at Georgia Tech is the ultimate test for undergraduate students.  

Working in teams, they learn the ins-and-outs of engineering design, from ideation to solutions.  

They tackle real-world challenges proposed by industry leaders or pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures to create solutions for unsolved problems.  

As Director of Professional Practice, Dr. Dima Nazzal plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of ISyE’s Senior Design course. 

Supporting Nazzal in this endeavor is their dedicated Academic Program Manager,  Daniela Estrada. Together, they form a dynamic team committed to ensuring that students receive comprehensive support and resources, empowering them to thrive from project inception to execution. 

Honorable Mention: Pop-up Spaces 

In the US, over 42,000 pop-up businesses struggle to find suitable locations and events, while retail businesses seek to boost foot-traffic and revenue.  

Senior Design team, PopUp Spaces, developed a platform aimed at bridging the gap by connecting pop-up businesses with available retail spaces.  

Selected for Honorable Mention, PopUp Spaces offers distinct features through such as foot-traffic measurement and customizable square footage, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the two markets. 

Project Title: Pop-up Spaces 
Team Members:  

  • Kirti Bharadwaj (IE) 

  • Matthew Kaminsky (IE) 

  • Ayaan Momin (CompE) 

  • Garret Moore (IE) 

  • Bethanie Penna (IE) 

  • Keerthana Thotakura (CS) 

  • Kya Wiggins (IE)  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xin Chen   

Congratulations to all participating teams for their outstanding presentations, showcasing. Each project showcased ingenuity and innovation, offering viable solutions poised to make tangible impacts in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial engineering. 

Read more about the expo here. 

  • The Americoldest
    The Americoldest
  • The Americoldest
    The Americoldest
  • Pop-Up Spaces
    Pop-Up Spaces
  • The Americoldest Poster
    The Americoldest Poster
  • Pop-Up Spaces Poster
    Pop-Up Spaces Poster
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