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Logistics Education And Pathways (LEAP) Profile: Marine Corporal Phillip Davis

December 9, 2019

On a journey for knowledge and self-development, Marine Corporal Phillip Davis completed the Supply Chain Management Principles, Customer Service Operations, Warehousing Operations, and Transportation Operations courses as part of the LEAP program.

“The courses have given me more tools towards helping build my critical thinking skills and the necessary skills and training to help me apply information about good supply chain management. It also gives me certainty in performing my duties as a Marines administrator to ensure required supplies and materials are delivered in a timely and right way.”

Corporal Davis commented that one day he would like to own his own business. By taking the LEAP courses, he has gotten closer to that goal through a better understanding of the importance of supply chain.  “It helps me think about how to have things ready when and before people need them, to meet and exceed internal and external customers' demands. Being an administrator, there are things that I need to stay informed about, and acquiring awards, certificates help me do that. Responsibility wise, I constantly keep track of what we use, have and when we are down to half supplies. I put in orders for new supplies and replacement. The courses that I have taken definitely help me perform my duties at a high level above expectation. Overall, this program has helped me add on to my organization and accounting skills as in the military accountability is a big thing.”

  • Marine Corporal Phillip Davis, Logistics Education And Pathways (LEAP) participant
    Marine Corporal Phillip Davis, Logistics Education And Pathways (LEAP) participant

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