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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be invoiced from GT for the event?

No. There is not a formal invoice, but once payment is made, your company will receive an e-receipt and the institute will be notified of payment. If you do not make an expected, due payment, your company may be assumed as "not coming" and another company may take your intended booth space.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Your company point of contact who received registration links for the event should have received a confirmation email from either the SCL events team (On Campus session) and/or CareerBuzz/Symplicity (Virtual/Online session) AFTER payment has been made; depending on which event was registered for. If you are still not sure of confirmation or if payment was made, please reach out to the events team and we can confirm for you.

On Campus/Onsite Session

Where can I find event logistics information for the On Campus so I can prepare ahead of time? 

Please review our On Campus/In-Person Supply Chain Day Informational Flyer regarding event information, logistics, what to expect, and more! A link to this same document is also provided in the confirmation emails upon successful registration.

What is included with a table/booth?

(1) 6 foot table* (~8’ wide by 5’ deep floor area)
(2) chairs
Printed (sticky-back) name tags per registered recruiter
Refreshments & Food
All other materials are to be brought/shipped from your company to the campus event location on or before the day of the event. Due to space requirements, we cannot accommodate large booths or displays.

Is it possible to reserve more than one table? 

Unfortunately, no. With the high interest of other companies, Georgia Tech must keep a fair outlook on others who may want to join. If your company is interested in bringing in additional recruiters from different departments, we encourage you to contact the SCL Institute for private recruiting events and/or ask us about our Supply Chain Innovation Network for year round recruiting options and many other benefits!

Will there be signage with our company name?

On the morning of the event, the SCL events team will place an 8.5x11" folded table tent with company name/logo on your assigned table (so recruiting teams can identify their assigned location). Additionally, there will be maps and charts posted around the building during the event, so students will know where to find your company table.

How will I know where our company booth is located?

SCL events team will provide instructions upon arrival on where your table is located. Maps will be placed around the building for reference points. The event space is small enough that you will not have issue locating your booth. 

Where do I park?

Directions/Parking: Visitor Information and On Campus/In-Person Supply Chain Day Informational Flyer

The closest visitor parking to the ISyE Complex is Visitor 3 Public Parking (W02 Student Center Parking Deck), which is close to the intersection of Ferst Drive and Regents Drive. Please note that if Visitor Area 3 Public Parking is full, we suggest trying Visitor 2 Public Parking (Student Center), then Visitor Area 4 (State Street & Ferst Drive), then Area 8 (Tech Square & GT Hotel and Conference Center - involves riding the Tech Trolley to the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) stop…ISyE is located across the street from the CRC). If your visit will be brief, you have the option of finding a metered space in the immediate vicinity.

Is parking free or are there charges?

Unfortunately, there is not a free parking option. There are 5 metered spots on Ferst Drive across from Campus Recreation Center – 2 hour limit, 15 minutes = .25, 6 minutes = .10, 3 minutes = .05 -- bring change). Please note that select lots require that you prepay for parking before leaving the lot, so please note any signage when entering a parking area. Other lots let you pay by credit card upon leaving. Parking fees are typically $1.50-$2 per hour.

How do I get to the event location?

For Supply Chain Day events held at the ISyE Main Building: ISyE Maps & Directions

For Supply Chain Day events held at the Georgia Tech Exhibition Hall: Exhibition Hall & Pavilion Parking

Parking for either venue is also noted within our On Campus/In-Person Supply Chain Day Informational Flyer

Where can I ship my company, recruiting materials and packages to if attending on-site?

Shipping Address
Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute
c/o Mike Connor + [your company name]
765 Ferst Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0205
*If you ship material, please drop us a note with details including shipping/tracking information!
IMPORTANT: Remember to included a return label with your package as SCL Events Team cannot and is not responsible for return shipping and/or printing shipping labels.

Are there package size limitations? 

Be sure that your package is deliverable via standard FedEx or UPS ground shipping.
Event location does not have a forklift and/or shipping dock to accept any materials that are palletized.
Rejected shipments due to poor labeling or over sized/overweight limitations are not liable by Georgia Tech. 

How early/late can I be at the event for set up/take down?

Exhibition Hall doors open at 9:30AM and close at 3:00PM. It is possible that the event staff will be available to let your company recruiting team in the doors earlier, but is not guaranteed. Setup and take down typically will only require 1 hour for most teams. 

What is the historical student attendance for the On Campus session?

Graduate and undergraduate students from within the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) have been invited to the event
along with a select group of students outside of ISyE. We expect attendance to range from 100-150 people (based on past attendance…40%
undergraduate students, 35% masters in supply chain engineering students, 20% other masters students, 5% Ph.D. students). For those of you
not familiar with ISyE, please refer to our Fact Sheet: SUPPLY CHAIN DAY FACTS  and ISyE/SCE Overview: HISTORICAL STUDENT DATA.

How many recruiters am I allowed to bring? 

Due to the size of the table and volume of other companies, we recommend (3) three recruiters per table.
Maximum capacity allowed is (5) five. 

Will lunch be provided?

 Yes. SCL events team will provide a complimentary lunch and drinks about midway through the event.

What if don't have time to grab lunch while at the event? 

Our Georgia Tech John Lewis Student Center is only a short walk down the main pathway (heading east) and offers a variety of vendors and food options.


Where can I learn more about the Logistics Education and Pathways (LEAP) program and express my interest if my company wants to get started? 

We would like to know if you have opportunities for LEAP students, such as full employment, part time employment, year around internships, summer internships, mentoring, and shadowing.

LEAP Sponsorship Opportunities:  Philanthropic support is essential to the growth and success of LEAP.  Please consider making a gift to support this very important initiative.  Your support will help us provide LEAP courses as we grow the program to impact a greater number of individuals, school systems, and organizations. VISIT LINK: LOGISTICS EDUCATION AND PATHWAYS

For more information, please send us a note via the SCL website and enjoy a 2-minute informational video here:

ISyE location map

Georgia Tech Supply Chain and
Logistics Institute
H. Milton Stewart School of
Industrial & Systems Engineering
765 Ferst Drive, NW, Suite 228
Atlanta, GA 30332
Phone: 404.894.2343